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Afro-Latino Week

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Celebrating Afro-Latinidad

Afro-Latino Week is an annual celebration of the rich and vibrant culture that results from the blending of African and Latin influences. Through art, music, dance, and more, this program highlights the unique and beautiful ways the African diaspora is uniquely blended into today’s Latino culture.

The history of Afro-Latino Week dates back to 2018, when a group of community members in Cazateatro recognized the need for a celebration of Afro-Latino culture. They came together to plan and organize the first Afro-Latino Week, which has since become an annual tradition. In addition to honoring the unique and vibrant Afro-Latino culture, Afro-Latino Week also serves as a way to pay tribute to the important contributions of Afro-Latinos during Black History Month.

Events at Cazateatro

During Afro-Latino Week, Cazateatro hosts a variety of events, including panel discussions, classes, school performances, and the Afro-Latino Night Fiesta. These events provide opportunities for attendees to learn about and engage with Afro-Latino culture in meaningful and enriching ways. Whether you are a member of the Afro-Latino community or simply interested in learning more about this fascinating culture, Afro-Latino Week has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this exciting celebration!
Cuban musician playing drums on the stage, Havana, Cuba.
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Celebrating Our Heritage

Afro-Latino Week serves as an important platform for bridging the gap between the Black and Latino communities. By exploring the ways in which the communities are similar and have been influenced by one another, we are able to deepen our understanding and appreciation of the multifaceted nature of Afro-Latino culture within the US and Latin America. This event not only celebrates Afro-Latino culture, but also promotes intercultural understanding and unity through its celebration of diverse communities and cultures.

Join the Celebration

Now in its fifth year, Afro-Latino Week continues to grow and evolve, offering a wide variety of activities and experiences that showcase the diversity and complexity of Afro-Latino culture. Held annually in mid-to-late February, Afro-Latino Week is a not-to-be-missed celebration of culture. Whether you are a member of the Afro-Latino community or simply interested in learning more about this fascinating culture, don’t miss out on this exciting event. Join us as we celebrate the beauty and diversity of Afro-Latino culture!

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