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Christmas Fiesta

Come to enjoy the Christmas traditions of Latin America and the Caribbean, and learn about parrandas, posadas, piñatas, and more.
Cultural Events Christmas Fiesta 2021 Cazateatro 3
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Afro-Latino Week

This program celebrates the blending of African and Latin cultures through art like the Bomba and more.
Cultural Events Afro Latino Week 2022 Cazateatro 85
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Latin Soul Awards

Latin Soul Awards recognizes members of the Latino community and their allies for their achievements, leadership and support in making the Mid South a better place to live.
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Latin Fest 901

A celebration of Hispanic and Latino arts and culture, this family-oriented festival features food, live music and entertainment, vendors, and activities for kids.
Cultural Events Latin Fest 2021 0347
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Día de los Muertos

We believe that the more people know about other cultures in our communities, the stronger our community will be.
Cultural Events Dia de Muertos 2021 Cazateatro 3 2